Designing a curriculum intent

Curriculum Intent

At our school, we have finally published our curriculum intent. We have been passing our intent back and forth between the senior leadership team with it not being quite right.  Lots of ideas and examples on the internet meant we had too many ideas so it took time but it was worth it.

The point in which we began was with all 5 SLT members giving their ideas on what we should have in our curriculum. We had so many great ideas but it was far too much. When you have a lot of commas in a statement just so you can get everything in, you know it is too wishy washy.  It needed to be more punchy.

Alongside this view, myself and the foundation stage leader knew all about the effective characteristics of learning and felt that these should be the centre of our intent.  It took a while to get everyone on side but once we had explained how this fits, we got it in there.  Result!

Every child is recognised as a unique individual where positive relationships and enabled environments result in strong learning and development.

We  shared our view on challenging ourselves and digging deep in our learning and felt that this needed to go in. We didn’t want what we taught children to end up just been worksheet lessons.

We believe that all children should be equipped with skills to enable them to ‘dive into learning’ and strengthen their ability to learn at a deeper level – ultimately allowing them to welcome challenge, articulate their learning, demonstrate quality thinking, apply skills/knowledge, solve problems and reflect on their journey.

We picked three main areas that we felt summed up what our curriculum was designed to do. Most of this came from what we already implement so it was easy to come up with these (maybe a little too easy)

allow children the opportunity to explore, learn actively and become critical, creative thinkers.

Then there was our intention for staff. What they should share in terms of what our children’s education should be like:

Our staff share the ethos that childhood should be a happy, investigative, enquiring time in our lives, where there are no limits to curiosity, possibilities or ambition

And what the role of our staff is in providing our curriculum:

 where children lead and adults facilitate a thirst for new experiences and knowledge.

The whole thing put together is great and really gives a feeling of what we want to do.  But now… we need to implement it!